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Suicide prevention

After learning of the very sad recent events where we lost one of our own to suicide, we at the Jets want to show our support in regard to this very sensitive issue.

Mental health is still a very taboo subject in todays society and it shouldn’t be. A mental health crisis can happen very suddenly and without warning, the feeling can just be overwhelming. We want to support other brothers and sisters in and out of the American football world. We have our very own welfare officer who is always happy to be contacted (details below). We are here to support each other and that involves mental health. It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help or need to have a talk about things. Life gets hard at times and it’s at those times we need to turn to the people around us, friends, family, players, coaches or even the charities listed below. You are never alone.

Coventry Jets Welfare Officer
Aaron Beale
Tel: 07771898010