Danny Smith

Special teams coach to take new role

Danny Smith, last years special teams coach has now moved to become the defensive back’s positional coach.

Danny initially started at the Jets as a DB coach before taking on the mammoth task of special teams coordinator in his first year showing great willingness and determination to help out where needed and not shying away.

The special teams certainly improved game after game and came into their own when depended on in a do or die rival relegation game on the last day of the season.

Coach Smith will definitely be missed on special teams this year but where we have a big loss in one area the DB’s have certainly gained a great boost.

QB’s will certainly have to think twice when throwing towards their WR’s with Coach Smith’s DB’s around, especially with the drills he has in place!

Speaking with Coach Smith about the move to DB’s he told us

This is my second season coaching with Jets and I have gained a wealth of knowledge from last season most of it coming in the form of disappointing results but I wouldn’t have had it any other way, the low’s that the team and I went through will be the springboard to this years success. This gives me great excitement, enthusiasm and confidence going into the new season.

Coach Colin weighed in on the appointment

Another coach who I am pleased to announce is returning for the 2018 season is Danny Smith our defensive back coach. Danny was new to coaching last year and he will be key this year and the experience he gained in 2017 will serve the team well. Danny will also assist in other areas of the team as needed.