sam kendall

New Head Coach Announced!

Coventry Jets are welcoming a new head coach after after previous HC Colin Branagh steps down.

We would like to thank Colin for his hard work during the short term tenure as HC and wish him all the best for future endeavours.

Where there is one loss there is always a gain, a gain that we believe can push us to the next level.

A Coach who is young has great enthusiasm and passion for the game, a coach that has experience at GB level and will be exciting to see him take the next step along is coaching journey having previously been a HC at U21’s Level amongst other coaching positions.

We would like to welcome Sam Kendall who has stepped up from DC to HC.

Sam is very keen to put his plan in place and had this to say

I am very honoured to be appointed as Head Coach. Especially with a club that has a lot of great history and a great future in front of us. I look forward to building the brand of Coventry Jets over the coming seasons.

We believed from what we had seen from Sam that this was the right appointment hence approaching Sam before looking for another HC, to which we are happy he accepted the responsibility with open arms. Sam will have the clubs full support going forward in his task rebuild this team.