sam johns

Linebacker coach appointed

Jets linebackers have a new positional coach to prepare them for the upcoming season.

This time a second Jets player has come forward to test his previous experience and knowledge of playing in a coaching capacity.

We welcome Sam Johns who will be joining the Jets ranks as a player coach.

Sam told us

I am excited to be taking the role of coaching the linebackers this season. A strong LB unit is the foundation to building a solid defence and should set the example for the rest of the defence to follow.

Coach was on hand again to tell us about Sam

Following the appointment of Josh Kelly and reappointment of Danny Smith, I am pleased to welcome Sam Johns to the coaching team as LB positional coach. Sam has been with the Jets as a player for several years and it is good to see another player stepping up to share their knowledge. Sam and I worked together during last season and I believe he will be another great asset to the team in a coaching capacity. I look forward to working with Sam this year.

Coach Branagh is pleased with yet another member of staff added to the backroom and will be keen to get everyone on the same page preparing for the season.

With rookie sessions coming up soon thick and fast it will be interesting to see what player the Jets will have to work with next season!

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