Caesars 2

Jets Slump to 0-4

The Jets came away from their second close fought game against the Nottingham Caesars with another defeat that leaves them entrenched at the bottom of the table and yet to pick up a win.

A tight first half saw the Jets defence dominate with rookie #38 Bate Tanyi and experienced player TJ Chieza going up and getting interceptions, with #22 Josh Cooper also getting an interception called back for a neutral zone infraction. The Jets offense was also woeful however as Caesars were able to come out of the first half with no points conceded and 2 turnovers of their own. The half ended bizarrely as the Caesars drove down to the Jets 10, on 3rd down a crucial tackle by Josh Cooper also stopped the Caesars on the Jets 3, unfortunately injuring star receiver Deivy Merkelis after only 2 catches having been shut down by Tanyi. With the clock rolling and no timeouts the Caesars then chose to spike the ball on 4th down turning the ball over and the jets kneeled to end the half.

The second half the Jets came out looking to attack, on 3rd and 10 Jets QB Dom Olney flicked a short screen pass to #83 Chris “Teflon” Hobbs who broke 2 tackles and escaped down the sideline for a huge 53 yard score, he was no doubt thankful to rookies Justin Useckas and Rushab Shah who provided him with perfecty timed blocks, the result 2pt attempt was incomplete as Useckas was hit in the air as he went up for it.
The Jets almost recovered the ensuing kickoff however there was nothing more of note in the 3rd quarter save for an excellent Sean Hanlon sack. Whilst the 4th started in the same vein with a fumble recovery by Bless Ango and an interception by #2 Gary Newcombe, the Jets were finally undone, after going to punt from their own 20, Olney broke out of the pocket and ran for an 80 yard touchdown, only for the play to be called back for holding, the resulting punt ended up in Olney getting tackled and the Caesars punched it in after starting on the 2. The next drive saw Olney trying to do too much and his interception landed the Caesars with the ball on the Jets 1 and another easy score followed.

Unable to spark the offence back into life despite a good return from Cooper and some good catches from Sam Hyde, the Jets lost 13-6, and will feel hard done by considering both touchdowns came after Caesars were gifted fantastic field position. Nevertheless the game saw another big improvement as the team and rookies continue to gel and no doubt Coach Colin Branagh was delighted with his defences display. The Jets now have a 3 week break to regroup ahead of their next game against the Falcons.

Stat Leaders:

Olney: 6 rush for 43 yards
Hobbs: 4 Rec for 64 Yards 1 TD
Hyde: 3 Rec for 38 Yards

Cooper: 7 Tackles, 1 Assist, 2 Pass deflection
Hanlon: 5 Tackles, 4 Assists, 1 Sack
Tanyi: 3 Tackles, 1 INT, 3 Pass Deflection

Photo courtesy of The Nottingham Caesars