Jets Team Final

Jets Round Out With a Win

After a long and difficult season the Coventry Jets once again won their last game of the season to go 1-9, which, depending on the result between the Bulls and the Falcons, means the Jets may have survived relegation.

The day started ominously as thick dark clouds and heavy rain threatened to stymie the Jets passing game, whose first drive ended with a punt. The Bulls were able to pick up where they left off against the Jets and RB #33 Mark Bonazebi led them down the field with a series of fantastic runs, twice being stopped by captain Josh Cooper, Bonazebi also appeared to hurt his knee on 1 tackle and struggled through the game after. A brilliant field goal fake saw the Bulls tight end catch the ball in space for a 1st down as he was once again stopped by Cooper, the Bulls then failing to punch it in from the 5 yard line, however a fumble on the next Jets drive saw the Bulls get the ball on the Jets 20, and with great field position they capitalised to go 6-0 up. The Pat was blocked and returned for 2 by Bate Tanyi, however a flag on TJ Chieza saw it ruled out.

The Jets dug deep and refused to give in on their season. The start of the second quarter QB Josh Randall came out firing and unloaded a 34 yard pass to Ben Fisher, a sign of things to come. 4th and 1 another slant to Fisher who cut past 2 Bulls players to run into the end zone to level things at 6-6. The key shift in momentum came after long snapper/centre Ben Abbott shifted downfield on a punt to down it at the 1, Conor Durham surging through the line to force the QB out the back of the endzone for a safety and an 8-6 lead. Mr Dependable Sam Hyde came through with some big catches before another deep pass to Ben Fisher saw him stroll into the endzone leaving the Jets with a 14-6 lead at the half.

Having started slowly in the second half the Jets showed a renewed fight, some more than others as Iain Coulton was ejected for clashing with a Bulls player. The Jets defence continue to dominate, and a Bulls punt saw Cooper field it and break 2 tackles, getting brought down just as he had clear field to run into, putting the Jets on the 50, however they Jets were unable to capitalise and an interception from Randall put the Bulls back on the Jets 39. However the D stood firm again forcing the Bulls to punt as the Jets remained ahead into the 4th.

Both offenses had struggled in the 3rd until the Jets went aggressive to put the game to bed. 4th and 2 in the Bulls half and the offence went to hardcount in order to force an offside. When Abbott spotted movement he snapped the ball instantly, Fisher reacted and ran a slant and Randall fired it between 3 defenders to complete the first down. 4 plays later and another 4th down and Randall hit Fisher on the fade for his third touchdown of the game. Putting him over 130 yards and 3 TD’s for the game, an incredible performance.

The Jets held firm to see the game out as 20-6 winners after another tough season. A number of players have announced they may be moving on after this season and we wish them the best of luck for all their contributions to this team, and extend a massive than you to Coach Sean Martin and his coaching staff, 1-9 may be a harsh reflection on how the team performed at times but the Jets will continue to re-build and come back stronger.



Photo by James Harris Photography