Geoff Williams Wolves HC

Jets player announced as Head Coach

The Jets would like to offer a massive congratulations to TE Geoff Williams who has officially been announced as the new Head Coach for the Warwick Wolves University American Football team.

Geoff has been a big contributor to the team in the 2 years he has been here and it is a testament to his character and how teammates and players respect him that the Warwick committee selected him as their outstanding candidate.

Geoff had this to say;

I’m honoured to have been named Wolves HC and i’d like to thank all the Jets coaches and player that I’ve worked with in my time at the club. I’ve learnt a lot from you all and without your help I never would have got the job. I’m hoping that going forward we can continue to develop the strong relationship between the Wolves and Jets that we’ve built over the year

The Jets want to offer their best wishes to Geoff and we are certain this will lead to more success for the Wolves