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Jets lose by a point

A 3rd clash against the Nottingham Caesars saw the Jets once again lose the game in the 4th quarter, this time by a solitary point.

In a game that was played on a blisteringly hot summers day, the jets started well moving the ball with consistency, particularly through the running of Hobbs and Sam Hyde’s receptions. There was little of note in terms of highlight plays until captain Josh Cooper intercepted the Caesars QB on th Jets 35 after a tipped pass from Bate Tanyi, and returned it to the house to see the Jets up 6-0. An error from the team saw them attempt the PAT with 10 men and Iain Coulton drilled the PAT into the line.

Both teams traded punts though the Jets did convert a couple of 4th downs. A sack from Ryan Southall couldn’t stop the Caesars driving into the Redzone, TJ Chieza and Tanyi came up with fantastic plays to break up a couple of passes, the defence refused to break and the Caesars missed their field goal.

Little changed in the second half as Hobbs and Walker continued to grind the defence down and the Jets D continued to dominate, CB Andy Edser picking off the QB on 4th down and returning it to the halfway line. Randall led the jets on a nice drive, however with just over 2 minutes left the team decided to punt on 4th and 2 from the Caesars 34. A false start set them back 5 before the next snap sailed over Coultons head and gave the Caesars the ball on the 25. Just like in the previous game, having not looked like scoring all game, the Caesars were gifted an opportunity they couldn’t miss and scored on the next play. With the score at 7-6 the jets took the ball to the halfway line before an interception for the Caesars sealed the game.

Once again the Jets were made to rue how the 4th quarter had played out and will now look to a game against the Bulls as vital to now staying in the division.


Jets Caesars Stats

Jets Caesars Stats