schools partnership

Jets become schools games affiliated

Coventry Jets have worked with BAFA’s Manager for schools Rob Rooksby to become a recognised club when working with American football for schools.

Our Development Officer Ian Coulton has been working hard behind the scenes to make this possible. Coventry Jets joined forces with Northants Knights taking a session ran by Rob Rooksby and his team which both clubs mastered the School Games formats and learnt about the new AQA Level 1/2 Award in Sport with much fun, laughter and enthusiasm this was a great success and can only help both clubs moving towards the futures they envisage.

Ian had this to say

This is a great achievement for the club at this stage, with hard work and the right people around whilst rebuilding the club this will only benefit us but having said that the hard work does not stop here this is a small part but important part of what where we want to be. I want to extend the thanks Rob and Rodger for putting on the session, Northants Knight for joining us and of course my fellow Jets who helped with this!

You can read more about this by going to the BAFA schools page.