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Head coach appoints positional coach

Head coach Colin Branagh has added another member of staff to his backroom.

It comes in the form of Josh Kelly who will taking the reigns of O Line coach.

This will be Josh Kelly’s first official appointment as a coach having previously played predominantly on the O line including a rookie season in the premiership helping us to the playoffs which was one of the best seasons in recent years.

Josh will be looking to use his experience and dexterity to help develop an O line to fit into Coach Colin’s system.

We caught up with josh and asked his thoughts on the appointment:

I am excited to have the opportunity to coach the offensive Line for the up coming season.I believe that the O line is the heart and soul of any championship winning offence and can’t wait to get going. I want to work with the coaches around me to produce a offensive line that is Shrewd, determined and courageous, with this in place it can only bring prominence.

Coach Colin has now shown confidence Josh and told us:

Following the arrival of Sam Kendall as Assistant HC and DC I am pleased to welcome Josh Kelly to the coaching team as OL positional coach.
Josh has been with the Jets as a player for 4 years and it is good to see players stepping up to share their knowledge. Josh and I worked well together during last season and I believe he will be a great asset to the team in a coaching capacity. We have already mapped out the style we want to go with this year and Josh understands the changes. I look forward to working with Josh this year.’

With Colin moving quickly on securing more staff to the ranks we’re excited to see what the future holds, congratulations Josh Kelly on your first coaching position and hopefully soon to be a fruitful one.