colin head coach

Head coach appointed

We are very proud and delighted to announce Coventry Jets new Head Coach, Colin Branagh.

Colin brings a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and knowledge. This was witnessed last season as Defensive Co-ordinator at the Jets. Colin was thrown in at the deep end, having to install a playbook through out the season showing his adaptability. Although the results were not always wanted Colin always produced a defence that worked hard for the team.

We are looking forward to seeing how Colin will get on with the offensive side of the team this season, something that we seemed to lack last season.

His hard work and dedication last season show us that this was a perfect fit for one of our ethos at the Jets ‘Hard work, Pays off’.

We asked Colin about his appointment:

I am very proud to have been appointed as the head coach of the Coventry Jets.

The jets have been historically a major part of Britball at the highest level and it is my goal in the medium term to restore that stature.

I joined the team last year as special teams coordinator working with Sean Martin (who i hope will put in a few coaching sessions as and when his work allows) but, just before the season began I was asked to move to dc.

It was a frustrating year regarding results, being so close on many occasions, but that will serve us well for the season ahead in div 1, a status we secured against our close rivals Birmingham Bulls at the end of the season.

It’s now time to build the coaching staff and I want to retain the current coaches and add quality additions in key area’s to help us succeed in our goals (announcements to follow).

Recruitment will be key and the club have taster days planned where we can introduce people to the Jets family and American football.

I look forward to working with you all on our goal to bring success to the Coventry Jets.